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Laser treatment being performed on female patient for face rejuvenation. White background


Lasers are great tool to clear away pesky brown spots, uneven skin tone, and rougher skin texture/pores. Through thorough consultation, Dr. Ferzli will choose the right laser(s) to help achieve your goals.

We are happy to offer the following lasers for texture/tone/discoloration, in addition to some not listed!

Fraxel - Clear+Brilliant - Laser Genesis

Picosure - Moxi - Excel V+

Cutero Xeo - IPL - BBL - Halo

Pretty woman enjoying radiofrequency lifting procedure for her face skin rejuvenation at c
Before and after a treatment for acneiiform rosacea in a male face. Coupery on the cheeks


Skin tightening treatments focus on the loss of elastin that leads to increased skin laxity. Dr. Ferzli uses a variety of treatments to restore elasticity to the skin. Options include but are not limited to Morpheus 8, radiofrequency microneedling with PRP, Endymed Intensif, Secret RF, CO2 laser, Fraxel Dual, Laser Genesis, Moxi, ThermiTight, among others options.



Teenage girl before and after acne treatment on white background, closeup.jpg

Redness of the face and chest can be caused by rosacea, sun damage, broken blood vessels, and other reasons. Spider veins on the legs are genetic, and can be incredibly annoying. Veins around our eyes or broken blood vessels around our noses are also common complaints. Dr. Ferzli loves to treat these types of lesions with lasers for effective results.

Lasers for vascular issues include

ExcelV+, Cutera Xeo, Pulse Dye Laser, IPL, among others.


Acne affects over 90% of the population, and can lead to scarring in over 75% of patients. Acne and acne scarring can be devastating. Dr. Ferzli has suffered from acne and acne scarring herself, and has made it one of her personal mission to make sure her patients are relieved of both conditions. She is known to be aggressive (but safe) with her acne scarring treatments. Dr. Ferzli will create a program for you to ensure excellent results for your acne and acne scarring.

Lasers and devices for acne and acne scarring include Aviclear, Fraxel, Morpheus, Laser Genesis, ExcelV+, PDL, CO2 laser, Endymed, Secret RF, and surgical/injectable treatments such as subcision combined with fillers and neurotoxin.

Pretty woman enjoying radiofrequency lifting procedure for her face skin rejuvenation at c


Don't forget your neck and chest! And hands for that matter, too! The neck, chest, and hands are areas that endure significant sun exposure and sun damage. They are also areas of thinner skin at baseline. For those reasons, these body parts tend to show significant signs of aging. Dr. Ferzli loves to create skincare routines for these areas, and combine these routines with lasers to clear sun damage and promote healthy collagen renewal.

Laser Hair Removal


Dr. Ferzli offers safe, effective laser hair removal options using a variety of lasers that are chosen based on your skin color, hair color, hair density, and hair location on the body. Dr. Ferzli especially enjoys helping reduce hair for her patients seeking gender affirmation treatments.

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